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Trash Can

Something as simple as a trash can


Are you looking for simple ways to organize your office? Does it seem like the “Never Ending Clutter Story?”  It may not be as difficult as it seems to reach a comfortable level of organization. Think along with me for a minute…Are You Overthinking it?

Browsing through too many magazines and books can be confusing and set unrealistic ideals. Are you expecting to go from a cluttered mess to looking like the cover of House Beautiful? I have personally discovered that those expectations become overwhelming and simple ways to organize your office actually get finished.

Simple Ways To Organize Your Office

Something as simple as a trash can makes your office look clean and neat.  You will notice the change quickly and reap benefits from your first sweep through the office.

Clearing the trash and clutter from your office can make a huge difference. Do you have paper and the remnants of yesterday’s lunch on your desk or nearby table? It may not seem like it, but clutter weighs on your mind and can interfere with your productivity.

Do little things that need to be done seem overwhelming? Do you ever sit down to your desk to make client calls and get distracted by all the little things that need to be done?

Your brain seeks completion before it wants to add something else to your to-do list. At this point, your best employee could be a trash can. Make a fast pass and scoop up things that are broken or not necessary for doing your real work.

Covered And Out Of Sight

Instead of trash spilling over the sides of your office trash, a covered one contains the stuff and keeps it out of sight. Do you have a corner of your office, maybe a corner or by the door where you can place it. If you have it as a reminder when you leave the office – you are more likely to use it.

Using simple ways to organize your office are the easiest to actually use. A grand plan of management often remains just a plan. If you make a short check list of ways you can bring order to your office area, you will find it easier to keep things organized. Simple wins in the end! You can even tape it on the door so you will see it as you exit.

Use your energy to grow your business and keep stuff out of the way. Okay now…where’s that trash can and what needs to go in it?


Simple Ways To Organize Your Office — 3 Comments

  1. Yes, such simplicity! The idea of a covered can never occurred to me! Out of sight, out of mind is really beneficial in this situation. Great idea. And I agree that the little messes that can build up on credenzas and desks do “feel” burdensome. Thanks for the reminder to clear that up.

  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas of simple, yet effective ways to organize my office. You are so right about trash being distracting. I am buying a trash can today!

  3. Simplicity is key to success. I am following my own advice this morning and clearing the space around my desk so I can concentrate.

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