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Setting up your office space is a productivity essential. When you have a home office, it is easy to get distracted. Do you sometimes feel like you don’t have a spot to call your own? It can make it difficult to feel like you have a real business.

Do you have a room that you can dedicate to your business? How much space for a desk? The wall desk on the left is a good example of space usage. If you share your space with others, this desk provides an area just for you.

Setting Up Your Office Space for Productivity

Keeping things simple and uncluttered is essential to being productive. If you have to clear off a space to work every time you want to work online, your brain is distracted by all the things to look at and do. Is paperwork piled around you? Should you pay bills first or perhaps put those photos into the scrapbook before they get misplaced? Or maybe you could read a bit in your new book before getting started?

These are all questions that go through  your mind if they are in plain sight. Thus, putting a little thought into setting up your office space is time well spent. What things do you actually use each time you start to work? Are any of these things useful:

  • Computer
  • iPad and stand
  • Mouse and Mouse Pad
  • Pens and pencils
  • Stapler

    Setting Up Your Home Office

    Setting Up Your Home Office

  • Reference tools or books
  • Timer
  • Notebook and spirals


A simple stand for iPad or tablet can increase your productivity. With a stand to hold it up, you can use a portable keyboard which makes typing much simpler. When listening to online training or being on a conference or video call, having the tablet on a stand enables you to do other things without having to wrestle with the iPad and possibly knocking it over!

A Small Investment Can Make A Big Difference

When  setting up your home office, it does not take a large investment to create your own space in which you can work effectively and where you enjoy sitting down to work and create content or communicate with your clients and colleagues.

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