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Clutter management and business success go hand in hand. Unless you have control over your office and its contents, you will not have control of your business. As a small business owner, you need a strategy that will work year after year. A good filing system is the first pillar of a good business plan. If you can’t find the information, time is wasted and clients get impatient.

Organize your files for fast retrieval. If you can’t put your hand on a file in less than 60 seconds, you need to revamp your system. Can you find the correct file in an instant? First, separate business and personal files to minimize confusion. This separation keeps your home and business separate which may help when tax time comes. Next, set up your system by categories. For example, have a separate section for client files, finances, and information for the physical part of your business. Each business is different so categories will vary. Which divisions work best for you?

The biggest challenge for 99% of the business owners I talk to is paper work. A good filing system helps but is only as good as the dedication to implementation. The physical setup is key in overcoming paper clutter. I suggest this type of desktop organizer to clients who deal with multiple files and also need to have a place for papers to be filed. You can find a desk organizer on Amazon. I especially like that it takes minimal space on the desktop. It helps with clutter management and keeps both working files and papers to be filed where they can be located easily.

Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer

Colored files may be helpful in maintaining your system. Some suggestions are:

  • Colors to designate usage. For example, green for finances, yellow for maintenance and warranties, orange for clients, yellow for projects and gray to designate physical records for the office equipment and maintenance warranties.
  • Use colors to designate different agents or territories
  • File topics by color. Current projects could be given a specific color and all documents would be filed under it.
  • If you cover a four state region, each could be represented by a different color.

Set up a system for filing and post it above the filing area. This is a helpful guide for anyone that helps with the actual filing, including you. Anything that you can write down and create a job aid for frees your mind up to think of other things – things that produce income and grow your bottom line. Clutter management is an essential component.
Growing your bottom line is crucial to a successful business. Did you ever think that something as simple as a good filing system could help grow your business base? It helps with data retrieval and keeps the financial records close at hand. Client contact is improved as follow up is the most important of customer retention and service. If those records are kept current, the data can be quickly accessed when a client calls with a question or concern.

What does your paper clutter management say about you? If you do not already have a file holder that keeps your work close by, you can purchase a desk organizer from Amazon. Clutter control and management is very important when you are the business owner and want to improve how you manage your business.
If you have a system that works for you, I would like to hear about it. Please scroll down and leave a comment below or contact me if I can answer a question or be of service.


Clutter Management Tips For Your Business – Organize Your Filing System — 5 Comments

  1. Cynthia, this article was very helpful as someone who has issues with clutter. I really love the desktop clutter organizer that you recommended.

    • Yes, I understand desktop clutter…I experience it often on my own desk! Glad to help.

  2. Thank you for this great article on clutter management tips for your business to organize your filing system. There have been times in my small business where I have allowed my filing to get unruly. This is a good reminder of why it is important to keep the clutter at bay. I tend to be great with my client files, but I will sometimes allow my business files to get loose. Not any more!

  3. Great tips. I especially like the idea of using different colors to help organize my papers. I have different colored file folders but I haven’t been assigning them any meaning or using them to help me stay organized.

    • Ron, I am glad it helped you. Color coding helps define sets and groups for easy access.

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