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Business Marketing Online

In today’s business world, taking your business marketing online is probably the most cost effective advertising you can do. Whether your business has a brick and mortar store or if you work from your home, both can be effectively promoted for minimal cost. Advertising in the newspaper or publications has become quite expensive and many people no longer take the local paper. Advertising in even a neighborhood flyer can cost several hundred dollars and you need to promote a significant “special” for that to bring in customers.

Online Marketing Can Be Cost Effective

Business Marketing

Business Marketing

If you do not have any online presence, setting up your business on the internet is still within your reach. You will need to purchase a domain name from a source such as Go Daddy and hosting from a company such as Bluehost. The domain name is less than $20 and hosting can be paid by the month, but is discounted by the year. Both can be obtained for around $100 for an entire year. What else can you do to market your business that costs so little for an entire year of promotion?

Business Marketing Online Is Flexible

Since you have complete control over your content and publication, you can design your marketing to reflect current topics or even the weather. Imagine sitting down to your computer on a rainy day and typing out a “Rainy Day Special” or “Early Bird Special” that can bring in customers that were not planning to leave the house that day, but may venture out into the weather or shop early when they see your new offer. Have you ever responded to such a message? I know I have.

Using Email To Bring In Customers

Start collecting the names and email addresses of your customers when they make a purchase. You could even go into such detail as noting what they bought. You can then specialize emails to a group based on their purchase types. If they purchase things for the home, large sizes, multi packs, books, specific taste or style, use those items categories to develop your marketing to them.

Even if you are not experienced in setting up a computer site or even sending emails. Services such as AWeber enable you to take your business marketing online, increase your customer base and develop a flexible marketing plan that brings in new customers. The most cost effective lead is that of an established customer and what you do to foster those relationships will pay off in many ways.

What are ways you could use online customer contacts to grow your business? Scroll down and leave a comment. Contact me and I will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

~Cynthia Charleen

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