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Stack Of Two Files For Getting Office Organized

BindersDo you have trouble keeping your office organized?  Do you have file folders everywhere?

The Simple Productivity Blog recommends using binders instead of folders.  They suggest segmenting your life into some major categories and then creating a binder for that topic.

Some examples you could create a binder for:

  • Medical and Emergency Information for every member of the family.
  • Christmas
  • Household purchases and appliances
  • Banking records
  • Individual Projects you are working on.
  • Clients (A binder for each)
  • Business Planning
  • And more.

The post, Use Binders To Boost Your Productivity, gives detail about why you should use a binder and how it will help you.

The Simple Productivity Blog says:

“The beauty of binders is that you can keep everything together in one place and have it ready to go. Have a client meeting? Grab the binder with all the related papers. Have a committee meeting? Grab the binder with the minutes, forms, etc.”

Learn more about using binders to increase your productivity.

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