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Stop Comment Spammers

Are You Bothered By Comment Spammers?

Are you being bombarded with spam? Comment spammers try to invade your website by using robots. Wading through spam in your comment box takes up valuable time and is very annoying.

Some people recommend turning comments off so you don’t have to deal with the spam and negativity and hold the conversation over on Facebook or Twitter where people seem to gravitate and are a bit chattier.  However, that means spending more time on social media and that consumes valuable time that you could be using for more productive writing on your blog.  Nothing eats up time faster than getting lost on social media.

Thoughts On Avoiding Comment Spam

Stop Comment Spammers

Stop Comment Spammers

Leslie Samuel has different thoughts about comment spammers and provides several reasons why we should continue to encourage comments on our blog. The most important reason is because it is more convenient for the reader and we want to keep the reader on our blog.

He also has included several steps to take to minimize comment spammers on your blog.

Leslie says:

“Have a comment approval policy. Doing this makes it much easier to quickly determine what gets marked as spam and what doesn’t. This is something I’m working on right now so you should have an example soon.”

Read the other tips he provides and his reasons for keeping comments on your blog.  Check out his post, Should I Remove Comments From My Blog? Here’s My Answer

Don’t waste your precious time wading through spam comments!

What tips do you have for avoiding spam? Does spam irritate you as much as it does me?

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